For each of these working groups, diverse stakeholders are needed to ensure that we are approaching our work intentionally and equitably. If you are a campus partner, nonprofit partner, philanthropic partner or elected official partner, then your perspective is needed and we hope you’ll join us!

Action Plan Working Group

The 2024 Action Plan Working Group provides a collaborative platform for partners within the #StudentVote movement dedicated to supporting the ongoing nonpartisan democratic engagement action planning process unfolding on college campuses across the country. An action plan is a dynamic document developed by an individual or campus voting coalition to document efforts to institutionalize and increase nonpartisan democratic engagement and student voter participation. Members of this group will learn how to use the action planning process to better engage with campuses, including reviewing and grading some of these action plans, providing local and state nonprofits with direct insights on campus student voter engagement efforts happening in their community and others. We will facilitate dialogue around our learnings and share best practices to partner with campuses ahead of their voter engagement efforts this fall! All partners are welcome to join this working group, but we encourage local and state nonprofits to join as we learn, strategize and prepare to support college campuses with their nonpartisan democratic engagement efforts across the country! 

Communications Working Group

The 2024 Communications Working Group is a collaborative space dedicated to amplifying nonpartisan democratic engagement through strategic communication efforts. From crafting shared trackers that streamline outreach efforts to developing comprehensive communications resources for campus communities, we’re focused on maximizing the impact of our collective communication strategies. By joining us, you’ll contribute to our efforts to empower student voters, combat disillusionment, and foster informed civic participation throughout 2024. While we especially encourage communications professionals across the Coalition to join our working group, we also welcome campus leaders to participate – your insight and perspective is invaluable to ensuring we are tailoring our strategies to campus needs.

Your Major on the Ballot Revamp Working Group

In 2022, the Ask Every Student Codesigner Cohort created a resource to draw connections between the importance of voting and core concepts of different academic fields, called “Your Major on the Ballot”. This year, we want to update and expand upon this idea! We know folks across our coalition are looking for resources and support to convey voter education information and motivate students, especially this year. We also know that NSLVE results over the years report disparities across fields of study, so this provides us an opportunity to better support underrepresented communities on campuses. That’s why we want to make sure we’re building out and updating our resources on this topic to engage student voters across all majors this year! We want to make sure to include many different perspectives, especially folks with experience in academic fields that are typically underrepresented. Join our working group to share your perspective and make sure we’re engaging all students!

stakeholder networks

Several SLSV Coalition partners host Stakeholder Networks that you can join to connect with and learn from your peers. 

Faculty Network for Student Voting Rights

The Faculty Network is dedicated to encouraging and helping faculty members to play a consistent role in their institutions’ civic engagement efforts, and to share across multiple disciplines. The Faculty Network is housed at the Scholars Strategy Network


Student Voting Network

The Student Voting Network connects students across the country to learn from each other & share best practices. The Student Voting Network is housed at the Campus Vote Project