Don’t just wing it --
make a plan to vote!

You are more likely to vote if you make a plan to do it.

Did you know most voters can cast their ballot prior to Election Day? When people vote early, they ensure that last-minute problems will not prevent them from casting their ballots – and help shorten voting lines on Election Day for everyone. But voting early rules – both for in-person and by-mail options – vary widely all over the country, causing confusion and preventing voters from casting their ballots. As a Founding Partner and Steering Committee Member of Vote Early Day, the SLSV Coalition is excited to support colleges and universities across the country working to make voting early easier for their students. Especially since given our current conditions with COVID-19, having multiple options to safely cast your ballot is critical.

Vote Early Day is a movement of nonprofits, businesses, election administrators, and creatives working to ensure all Americans know their options to vote early. Similar to National Voter Registration Day and National Voter Education Week, Vote Early Day is a collaborative holiday that anyone can engage with. The SLSV Coalition will be here to support and organize efforts to celebrate this holiday and help college students vote before Election Day. 

Over 600 campuses and student organizations are signed up to officially participate in the first-ever Vote Early Day! Is your campus celebrating Vote Early Day?