What does it mean to get #Voteready?

Get ready to support a new generation of civic leaders.

Get ready to facilitate democracy on your campus.

Get ready to do what you do best: educate.

And when the work is done after each election, get ready to grow, institutionalize, share best practices, and start again for next year. 

Learn more about how you can ensure your campus is #VoteReady by signing up for the three mobilizations below. 

The #VoteReady Mobilizations are meant to be entryways to your relational campus and community outreach. The Mobilizations provide support, resources and community as you celebrate civic holidays. The Mobilizations are broken down into three components – registration, education, and turnout. Sign up for and participate in all three as a part of a well-rounded voter engagement strategy.


Every year, millions of Americans are unable to vote because of a missed registration deadline or other problems with their registration. Recognizing this, National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) was created in 2012 as a single day of coordinated events to help voters get registered, or update their registration, ahead of state deadlines.

As co-managers of the NVRD “Campus Takeover” program, SLSV provides training, resources, and funding to host awesome NVRD events for college students 


With many events focused on voter registration and turnout, this new initiative focuses on voter education – an essential part in ensuring that those who are registered actually cast a ballot.

Following National Voter Registration Day, partners will host a digital campaign the week of October 5th to equip voters with the tools, information, and confidence they need to cast their ballots.

Participating in a national nonpartisan voter education campaign provides another touchpoint to further create a strong culture around participation and voting in their community.


Did you know most voters can cast their ballot prior to Election Day? Even though voting early can avoid last-minute complications with voting on Election Day, vote early rules (both in-person and by-mail) vary widely all over the country. Vote Early Day is a brand new movement of organizations and individuals working to ensure all Americans know their options to vote early.

Similar to NVRD, Vote Early Day is a collaborative holiday that anyone can engage with. The SLSV Coalition will be here to support and organize efforts to celebrate this holiday and help college students vote before Election Day.