Voter ID laws can be confusing. Every state has different rules, and the rules can differ depending on voting method. For college students, things can get even more complicated. Clear, accurate, and easily available voter ID messaging is essential to ensuring students have what they need to cast their ballots.


An estimated 18 percent of citizens aged 18-24 do not have a state-issued photo ID with their current address and name, making college students and young people among the groups most impacted by voter ID laws. This is especially true for students who attend a college or university from out of state, and for students of color.

There’s too much at stake. College students and young people alike need to make their voices heard at the ballot box this year – and every year – and they can’t let voter ID laws stand in their way.

How CAN campuses support students with voter ID?

Campus leaders can help students understand the laws in their state and ensure that students have the proper ID before registering to vote or heading to the polls. 

Student IDs are given to nearly every college student after providing proof of their identity upon enrollment. They are convenient and secure options that should be acceptable voter ID. Since that is not the case in every state, it is critical for students to understand what forms of identification they can use at the polls so they are not turned away or forced to take extra steps to cast a ballot that counts.

VoteRiders can help!

VoteRiders has an incredible resource that can help student voters check to see if they have the right ID to vote in their state. And if not, we can help them get one – for free. And that includes free rides to the government office that issues IDs in their state.


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spread the word

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