Student leaders, campus staff members, faculty, nonprofit partners and philanthropic partners all have their own questions that require tailored solutions.

Use these #StudentVote Starter Packs as guides to navigate recommendations based on common questions and concerns that come up from different types of partners. If you relate to any of our #StudentVote Stakeholders, click on them to check out their Starter Pack! 


SLSV Coalition partners commit to promoting the SLSV Checklist, a four step process for institutionalizing student voting engagement for the long-term. We start with a simple premise grounded in trust instead of transactional in nature: local leaders who know their campus best, who are committed to their specific place, and who have access to local social networks are best positioned and most culturally equipped to drive dramatic and sustainable increases in voter participation, learning, and growth over time. Check out the SLSV Checklist to learn about the four elements of the institutionalizing student democratic engagement: lead, engage, assess & plan.