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Voter Friendly Campus Report 2018

The 2018 Voter Friendly Campus (VFC) report reflects on the program’s second designation process. The 124 institutions that received the designation for 2019-2020 were chosen because of their commitment to promoting democratic engagement at their college or university. Participating institutions of higher education (IHEs) were required to complete four steps to receive the designation:
– Step 1: Submit a Statement of Interest
– Step 2: Write a Democratic Engagement Action Plan
– Step 3: Demonstrate Commitment to Democratic Engagement
– Step 4: Submit a Follow-up Report and Analysis

The 2018 VFC Report emphasizes leadership and goal setting, taking a big picture look at what IHEs are doing to institutionalize their democratic engagement efforts, consider equity and inclusivity in their process, and think long-term in their programming. It also discusses individual programs that address the four pillars of voter engagement, and how they encourage students to participate in democracy well after they graduate.

How would a campus best use this resource?
Campuses can use this report to learn more about successful civic engagement efforts that they may be able to replicate on their campuses.
Learning outcomes
– Campuses will learn more about civic engagement best practices. – Campuses will be able to replicate civic engagement efforts that other campuses have successfully implemented.

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