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In keeping with the League of Women Voter’s mission to empower voters and defend democracy, we developed VerifyIt! ( to appeal to people of all ages but especially to young and future voters – ages 16 to 29 – to encourage them to become informed and active participants in their democracy.
VerifyIt! a free online civics, voting, and news literacy game designed to help young adults be thoughtful readers, informed voters (or future voters), and enlightened citizens who participate fully in our democratic system. The game is easily played on mobile phones, computers, or tablets. There are two ways to play the game – Individual Player (on your own) or Multi-Player (with your friends or in the classroom – virtual or online). News articles and posts are regularly updated and relevant to current events.
VerifyIt! is fast-moving, informative and fun!
Use the game as an icebreaker to introduce Civics, Voting, and News Literacy topics and as a way to get students civically engaged in a fun way – by playing a Game!
Choose pre-designed games on various topics to generate random questions from different categories (includes State-specific voting questions).
Review the results and track players’ progress and knowledge about the topics in real time.

How would a campus best use this resource?
Use VerifyIt! to engage first time voters and teach them about voting and voter registration, civics, and media literacy. Use it as an ice breaker in a meeting or as a trivia game at a sponsored event to spark interest in civics and voting. Promote it with faculty and staff as a way to introduce civics education and promote civic engagement.
Learning outcomes
Coalition partners will be able to facilitate a fun, informative, and relevant activity designed to promote student civic engagement.

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