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TurboVote is an online tool that helps students vote in every election — local, state, and national. It’s easy to use and can help folks from all 50 states and D.C. overcome many of the process barriers to participation in our democracy! From modern day poll taxes and blatant and covert racial exclusion, to purposefully restrictive voter identification laws, our democracy makes it difficult for many voters to cast their ballots with confidence and ease. Through the product design and intentional implementation strategies of our partners, TurboVote helps to lower process barriers for all eligible voters, and ensure that the voice of our electorate is powerful, heard, and moving toward a more fully enfranchised reality for all.

TurboVote partner campuses pay a small fee for access to TurboVote. That fee includes:
– Access to a customizable, co-branded – – TurboVote site
– Access to TurboVote user data
– Access to free TurboVote mailings
– Access to a dedicated, 1:1 support person who can help strategize with them to develop and achieve their voter engagement goals.

Community colleges interested in a TurboVote partnership can join the grant-funded TurboVote Engaged Community College program at no cost in 2021.

How would a campus best use this resource?
TurboVote can be used to bolster any campus’s voter registration, education, and mobilization plans, and TurboVote partners can incorporate their signup data and voter file match reports into their assessment efforts alongside NSLVE. TurboVote partners also are paired with a 1:1 support person who can help strategize with them to develop and achieve their voter engagement goals.
Learning outcomes
– Coalition partners will be able to implement in-person and online strategies using a custom campus TurboVote site, TurboVote sign up data, and a dedicated Democracy Works staff person to support them in their voter engagement efforts. – Coalition partners will be able to easily facilitate voter registration for students from all 50 states and Washington D.C. using TurboVote technology.

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