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The Democracy Group podcast network

The Democracy Group is a network of podcasts united around the goal of helping listeners understand what’s broken in our democracy, and how people are working together to fix it. Our podcasts are dedicated to creating a more informed, civically engaged citizens.

Podcasts in this network model a form of dialogue and inquiry that is civil and well-informed and a commitment to fostering civic engagement. You’ll hear from scholars, policy experts, journalists, organizers, and everyday people who are exercising the rights and responsibilities as democratic citizens.

The network allows individual podcasts to collaborate with one another and provides listeners with a one-stop shop for podcasts about democracy, civic engagement, and civil discourse. Our podcasts move beyond the partisan horserace to examine larger-scale issues of politics, government, and civil society.

How would a campus best use this resource?
Listening to these podcast will help inform you or those you are serving about topics ranging from democracy reform, voting rights, misinformation, racial injustice, and so many more from organizations you can trust.
Learning outcomes
– Listeners will be able to make more informed decisions on crucial topics related to our democracy. – Listeners will be able to understand and construct opposing points of views to controversial topics. – Listeners will be able to start discussions with others in their community in order to create change. – Listeners will be able to evaluate existing problems in our democracy and begin developing solutions to fix them.

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