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The Ask Every Student Toolkit

The Ask Every Student Toolkit is a developing collection of resources, strategies, tools, and tactics designed to assist campus leaders in implementing strategies on their campuses to Ask Every Student to participate in the democratic process.

This Toolkit was designed by the Ask Every Student team in collaboration with the Ask Every Student Codesigner Cohort (, a diverse and deliberately selected group of leaders from 30 campuses across the country.

The Toolkit helps campuses to:

1) integrate voter registration into existing processes with campus partners to reach every student.
2) execute individualized voter registration and democratic engagement tactics during those processes
3) institutionalize these tactics to be a sustainable part of their campus culture.

Resources highlighted within the Toolkit include the Ask Every Student Playbook, Civic Champions Toolkit, Ask Every Student Canvas Module, Ask Every Student Civic Engagement Packet, Ask Every Student Training Slides, Ask Every Student Conversation Guide, Navigating Digital Tools Guide, the Vote for Astra Campus Canvass Toolkit, and more tools on the horizon as they are developed.

How would a campus best use this resource?
This Toolkit is designed to be used by anyone leading voter and democratic engagement efforts on a campus.
Learning outcomes
Knowledge of how “Ask Every Student Strategies” can be adapted to their campus context

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