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Student Voting Network Podcast (SVNCast)

Student Voting Network, or SVN, is a nonpartisan space for students across the nation. After all the hard work done in previous years related to student organizing, we intend with this podcast to create a platform for and by students to express their views, share insight, organize for a better future, learn efficient ways to reach student voters in meaningful ways, and help discern fact from fiction in this era of fake news and alternative facts. SVNCast also serves as a way for student organizers to connect and collaborate with each other, and put a spotlight on certain local/state/federal issues that they feel are going unnoticed. If you want to get involved in our digital space as a student, and if you want to connect with hundreds of other students, visit, that’s, and sign up today.

How would a campus best use this resource?
Great way to learn more about voting rights/voter suppression, meet student organizers from all over the United States, learn about new civic engagement strategies and professional development
Learning outcomes
For listeners, we want them to feel more informed about whatever our topic was (e.g. a state bill that would suppress the student vote) and compelled to take action and join our coalition! For the students involved in 1+ episodes, this is a great way to strengthen skills in educational programming, media production, research, and team-building.

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We are the national hub and largest nonpartisan network in the United States dedicated to increasing college student voter participation. We are successful and growing stronger everyday because of people like you! 

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