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Redistricting for College Campuses

Redistricting is the process that determines the allocation of political power and representation at every level of government across the US for at least the next ten years.

Throughout the redistricting process, the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition is organizing a learning community to advance college interests and help advocates in their state push for fair, transparent, and equitable maps.

Are you on a college campus and want to learn more about your role in pushing for equitable and representative maps? Use this page to help get started!

How would a campus best use this resource?
Use this webpage as a step-by-step guide to learn how to best engage with redistricting efforts in your state. You can also find additional resources that can help with your communications, mapping, education, and advocacy efforts.
Learning outcomes
– Coalition partner will get a basic understanding of what redistricting is, why it matters, and how the redistricting process looks in each state – Coalition partners will find resources that can help their campus community engage in redistricting – through raising awareness, drawing maps, providing testimony, and more!

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