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Project Pericles Voting Modules

The Voting Modules are a set of curricular resources for faculty across all disciplines to incorporate nonpartisan voter education into their courses. They cover three main areas: Why voting matters, an overview of the voting process, and deliberative dialogue discussions.
The modules include PowerPoint templates, lesson plan ideas, discussion topics, reading materials, and a database featuring examples of how faculty used the modules in their courses.
The voting modules are scalable; 10 minutes of one module can be incorporated into a course, or they can be used altogether for one class period.

How would a campus best use this resource?
Use the Voting Modules resources, guidance, and database faculty examples to enhance the curriculum with voter education and discussions connecting course topics to real-world policy concerns. The discussion empowers students to see the connection between their stances on pressing civic issues, their elected officials, and why voting matters. The voting modules have been in courses across the humanities, STEM, and social sciences.
Learning outcomes
Faculty and other coalition partners will be able to embed voter education and deliberative dialogue discussions about pressing civic issues into courses across the curriculum.

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