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Election Official and Campus Engagement – Report and Toolkit

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge and the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition collaborated on this report to better understand the extent to which colleges, universities, and local election officials work with each other; the most promising and best practices within these relationships; the opportunities to improve relationships and coordination between campuses and local election officials; and the challenges encountered by both campuses and local election officials to better coordinate collective efforts to support student voters. This report provides data gathered from our national survey and interviews, as well as action items that campuses and local election officials can consider to support college student voters and facilitate election administration across the country.

How would a campus best use this resource?
Use the information, best practices, and tools to guide outreach, interaction, and collaboration with your local election officials and/or local college campus to improve your community’s elections and civic life.
Learning outcomes
Coalition partners will be able to engage in successful outreach and collaboration with local election officials or college campuses, finding new ways to partner and optimize impact on civic life.

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