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Countering Disinformation: Presentation and Training Resources

As part of the Science Rising Train the Trainer program, we’ve created a series of Toolboxes for people to train STEM students and other science advocates to get more involved in our democracy. The “Countering Disinformation” Toolbox includes a template presentation, videos, and script you can customize for your audience, plus a list of additional resources for more details on combatting disinformation particularly as it relates to voting rights and our democracy.

How would a campus best use this resource?
“Use this presentation in classrooms or in your community to help STEM students and science advocates identify and build counter-narratives against disinformation. Use this presentation and related resources to identify disinformation that is intended to suppress voting rights, and learn how to report it and how to respond to it.”
Learning outcomes
Coalition partners will be able to help STEM students and science advocates learn the difference between misinformation and disinformation, recognize common pitfalls we make in responding to disinformation, learn how to address common pitfalls, and develop effective ways to respond to disinformation.

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