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SLSV Coalition Accessibility Guide & Checklist

The Students Learn Students Vote Coalition is committed to equity at the polls, so it is imperative that we also strive for equity within and across our Coalition. This means ensuring that anyone, regardless of disability, has access to the materials, resources, and digital content we share, as well as the meetings and events in which we participate. We encourage our colleagues across the Coalition to integrate accessibility into all of your work.

The SLSV Coalition has developed this Accessibility Guide & Checklist to ensure that the work that we and our partners do is accessible to everyone. This includes emails, one-on-one meetings, social media, interactive trainings, committee meetings, conferences, web design, resource development, and more.

How would a campus best use this resource?
Use this to make sure you are making your work accessible when planning meetings (in-person and virtual), creating social media and web content, developing resources, designing graphics, and writing emails.
Learning outcomes
-Coalition partners will understand why centering accessibility in our work is essential. -Coalition partners will be able to make their events, resources, materials, digital content, and communications accessible for everyone

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