Post-election gathering

The SLSV Post-Election Gathering brings together nonprofit organizations, campus staff, administrators, faculty, and students to build connections and friendships across the student democracy space, share lessons learned, provide training and resources, and create a shared momentum and energy towards our collective goals.  This year’s gathering will be a transformative experience that will provide opportunities for connection, sharing, and community. 

This year’s theme is “Bringing Presidential Energy to an odd year” because – let’s be real – there’s no such thing as an “off” year. Only odd ones. Even after we got through 2020, 2021 is yet another odd and unprecedented time — a year of reintegration after a global pandemic and re-envisioning what our democracy can be as we strive for ideals of justice and equity that have never been fully realized in our country. That’s why this year’s theme is about energy: We need it to carry on the work, because the work never stops. 



Monday, November 8th

Join this session to kick-off to our optional Pod Program, a virtual space for participants to build community over the course of the gathering.

Join us as we kick off the 2021 Post-Election Gathering with our coast-to-coast state roll call & a panel discussion about the collaboration, innovation, dedication, and resilience that defines the nonpartisan student voting landscape.

In this session, participants will learn about the promising and best practices of Action Planning by taking part in an interactive workshop where they will learn how to facilitate collaborative action planning sessions with campus partners through the new, revamped Votes & Ballots digital activity. Participants who complete this session will be certified “Votes & Ballots” facilitators.

In this session, campus-wide voting coalitions from across the country will present their experiences and findings in building coalitions designed to achieve full student voter participation, followed by an interactive activity from the new “Coalition Building Curriculum” designed by the SLSV Resources and Support Subcommittee and Ask Every Student. Attend this event if you want to understand how to build diverse, inclusive, and equitable voting coalitions on our campus.

Join our first SLSV Expedition to close out the opening day of the gathering by making some new coalition pals!

TUESDAY, November 9th

Get excited for day two of our Pod Program! Today, we’ll dig deeper and create a space for open reflections on student voter engagement in 2021.

In 2020, nonprofit organizations and efforts across the SLSV Coalition began to focus more intensely on supporting HBCU and MSI campuses. In this session, expert panelists from HBCUs and MSIs will share what was most helpful, what was not helpful, and how the nonpartisan student voting ecosystem can better center and learn from partners at these campuses going forward.

Are ever-changing voting laws encouraging or discouraging students from going to the polls? What motivated students to go to the polls in a non-presidential year? What did students see on their campuses that made voting exciting? What did they not see that they wish they would have? Join us for a conversation on what’s motivating today’s #StudentVote!

Over the last few years, nonpartisan voter engagement work on college and university campuses has shown that a collaborative working relationship between local election officials and campus representatives helps both of these parties in their work – making it easier for students to vote, reducing administrative headaches for election officials, and providing beneficial student leadership opportunities through internships and as poll workers. Join the SLSV Coalition, the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, Campus Speakers, and Election Officials to discuss exciting new research about the state of these partnerships and how we can build more collaborative relationships leading up to the 2022 Midterm Elections. Through our new report, we will discuss how various action items, including simple ones for stakeholders with limited capacity and resources, can establish mutually beneficial relationships between campus stakeholders and local election officials.

Over the past two years, the SLSV Coalition has integrated human-centered design into our work, ensuring that our partners are centered in every step of our resource development process. This approach has led to dynamic resources such as the SLSV Navigating the Coalition tool and the Ask Every Student Toolkit. In this workshop, participants will learn how they can use the human-centered design process in their own work to create meaningful, innovative resources that meet the needs of their communities.

Get social and have fun during this happy hour with optional Stakeholder-based breakout rooms

WEDNESDAY, November 10th

In our third and final Pod check-in, we’ll look toward the future and ask ourselves how we can create a culture of support as we head into 2022.

This work doesn’t stop! We are constantly building towards a place where everyone has the opportunity to participate in our democracy. So join us as we collectively create the 2022 SLSV Coalition Goals and chart our path to success!

In this Ask Every Student training, participants will learn how to ensure every student on campus is asked to participate in the democratic process, beginning with voter registration. This interactive training will prepare participants to use the Ask Every Student Toolkit to integrate voter registration into processes and spaces that equitably and meaningfully reach every student.

When coordinating student democratic engagement efforts on college campuses, it may be helpful to supplement any in-person efforts with digital posts on social media. Many students spend a lot of their time on social media, so join to ensure they are still getting your message by learning best practices for sharing information on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and/or TikTok.

Join us as we say goodbye to one another and close out the gathering with a special, *surprise* SLSV Expedition!

Thank you to our sponsors!