Post-election gathering

The SLSV Post-Election Gathering brings together nonprofit organizations, campus staff, administrators, faculty, and students to build connections and friendships across the student democracy space, share lessons learned, provide training and resources, and create a shared momentum and energy towards our collective goals.  This year’s gathering will be a transformative experience that will provide opportunities for connection, sharing, and community. 

This year’s theme is “Bringing Presidential Energy to an odd year” because – let’s be real – there’s no such thing as an “off” year. Only odd ones. Even after we got through 2020, 2021 is yet another odd and unprecedented time — a year of reintegration after a global pandemic and re-envisioning what our democracy can be as we strive for ideals of justice and equity that have never been fully realized in our country. That’s why this year’s theme is about energy: We need it to carry on the work, because the work never stops.