The #AllVoteNoPlay Playbook, created by Vote by Design with a team of coaches, student-athletes and community partners, is a nonpartisan guide offering nearly 50 “civic drills” designed to help students athletes and teams of all types practice, grow, and flex civic behaviors, habits, and mindsets.This NCAA-mandated #AllVoteNoPlay day of civic education and engagement on November 8, 2022 offers a historic moment for coaches to help their athletes become passionate leaders, engaged citizens, and community members.Whether a coach has 15 minutes or 2 hours, the free, digital, inclusive guide offers a range of civic drills that work any sport across all teams and geographies!Democracy is not a spectator sport. The AllVoteNoPlay playbook helps every college athlete get in the game!
There are nearly 500,000 student athletes in NCAA divisions, and even more enrolled in community colleges and other sports conferences. This group of highly influential campus leaders often goes untapped for civic engagement activities and campaigns across campuses. The playbook is a a nonpartisan, free, accessible resource that aims to support, amplify, and bridge existing civic engagement efforts, campaigns, relationships and organizations across all campuses with athletic departments, coaches, and student athletes.

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