The mission of The People is to bring Americans together to engage in civil discourse,establish and carry out nonpartisan governmental reforms and by doing so, the peoplewill for the first time will live in a truly representative democracy. By activating allAmericans and bringing our country together as one collective voice will be establishedand the average person can be heard. We will help individuals organize aroundcommon causes, rounding out strengths and weaknesses, and connecting them withothers to accelerate their efforts. This will help us to facilitate productive dialoguebetween those with variations in beliefs and promote action to address neededgovernmental reforms.
Our organization can support colleges and universities to fulfill the SLSV Checklist by equipping students with tools and resources to effectively engage, lead, and affect change in their educational and social communities. Through partnership and volunteer opportunities, deliberation events, facilitation training, and internship opportunities, we afford students a wealth of opportunities to learn, understand, and leverage the power of their voice and vote.

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