MissionThe TNCDN mission is to build a state-based, student driven community that is committed to the shared belief that civic literacy facilitated by institutions of learning is an integral part of educating active & informed citizens. We connect students from campuses across Tennessee to local and national leaders and organizations that offer the knowledge, resources, and guidance needed to confidently engage in civic processes. The Tennessee Campus Democracy Network has grown into the first statewide hub and the leading nonpartisan network in Tennessee dedicated to increasing college student Voter Education, registration and participation. Our leading vision is that every college student in Tennessee has easy and equal access to participate in every election, facilitated and encouraged by their institutions of higher education.We believe that incorporating democratic engagement into campus life creates structures and stability for students as they explore their political beliefs and their responsibilities in our participatory democracy.
The Tennessee Campus Democracy Network was created by a founding group of students, faculty, staff and administrators that came together to discuss their unique perspectives on student voting and civic literacy on their campuses. Those discussions lead us to recognize an opportunity on college campuses to address the systemic and personal barriers affecting student voting. Being a first time voter on a college campus raises many questions: where do you register to vote; what is the role of certain elected officials; how do you vote if you’re from another state; and what if you have classes all day on election day? The TNCDN designed and advanced a shared agenda to confront those barriers by creating spaces to foster civic growth and offer students easy and equal access to accurate information on voting. The network continues to evolve and sustains a strategic direction to support campus civic engagement efforts through shared political learning resources that build civic capacity in our students.

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