Southern Vision Alliance (SVA) is a justice centered values-based “grassroots intermediary” organized to provide incubation, infrastructure, capacity building, coaching, and technical assistance to frontline organizing projects, leadership programs, and collaborations led by directly-impacted communities in the US South.We are an anchor for frontline groups and leaders to disrupt and transform power for collective liberation.
NoCap is our flagship Youth Engagement program: Who we areWe’re a region-wide, youth-led organization supporting young, Black and brown people to build our power. Our work is focused on North Carolina’s historically Black college and university (HBCU) campuses, and we’re accountable to our communities across the state and the US South. Our strategy:We build our base year-round through racial and economic justice campaigns and civic engagement. We meet our people where they are, using innovative cultural and community approaches. Throughout, we build leadership. We’re committed to ensuring that our staff, fellows, and members have the tools that they need to be lifelong organizers and leaders in our communities.

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