The Jewish Electorate Institute is an independent, non-partisan organization dedicated to deepening the public’s understanding of Jewish American participation in our democracy. JEI has commissioned a national profile of the Jewish electorate in 2020; issued reports on the political leanings of Jewish voters in swing states, as well as Jews who are registered as Independents and Young Jews (ages 18 – 35); conducted important surveys on likely Jewish voters in the 2020 election; research on the rise of antisemitism in the United States; policy priorities for Jewish voters; and other polls pertaining to the Jewish electorate. In addition to our work deepening the public’s understanding of Jewish American participation in our democracy, JEI also fosters the active participation of the Jewish community in the democratic process. We act as the foremost resource on Jewish voter political preferences, producing the top research, polling, and analysis critical to understanding the Jewish electorate.
JEI will support efforts to engage young Jewish voters on campus and work with partner organizations to further amplify these efforts. We will leverage our data on the Jewish electorate, particularly young voters, to better assess a segment of campus populations. Through JEI ambassadors, we will work with students to implement their university’s voter registration, education, and mobilization efforts.

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