The student-led, non-partisan Arizona Students’ Association works to actively empower the student voice, create concrete change, and advocate for student issues by developing student leaders, initiating and executing grassroots campaigns, raising awareness, creating a firm foundation on our stances through proper research, and engaging our government officials at a local, state, and national level.
The Arizona Students’ Association affirms that, notwithstanding any other commitment to individual ties such as university, community, party, state, or nation, we will faithfully follow our guiding principles to the best of the organization’s ability:We believe in working alongside students, community leaders, elected officials, and other allies from all positions on the political spectrum to advance the goals of the Arizona Students’ Association, andWe believe in coalescing with corporations, non-profits, advocacy groups, student governments, and other like-minded organizations who engage in activities that align with the mission of the Arizona Students’ Association, andWe believe in holding our government leaders accountable for transgressions against students and working to bring justice to those affected communities, andWe believe in civil discourse and productive dialogue to advance our goals, as determined by the leadership, andWe believe that all people have a right to an education regardless of background, culture, beliefs, or identity.

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