The Andrew Goodman Foundation was created in 1966 by Robert and Carolyn Goodman to carry on the spirit and the purpose of their son Andrew’s life. Today, our work harnesses the legacy of courageous civic action to grow new leaders of change: young adults bitten by the spirit of activism (like Andy). Our campus coalitions spread a culture of participatory democracy, promoting the right to vote while incubating a new civic-minded generation.
Lead: AGF ensures that there is an Andrew Goodman Campus Champion appointed on each campus in our network to support student voter engagement and Andrew Goodman Ambassadors, and we provide 1-1 advising and support to each Campus Champion.Engage: The first step to joining the Andrew Goodman network is building a diverse Campus Team focused on advancing civic learning and democratic engagement. All Andrew Goodman Campus Teams are composed of Andrew Goodman Ambassadors charged with working with their Campus Champion, student groups, and other stakeholders to form campus voting coalitions.Assess: AGF guides campuses in our network through measurement and evaluation to understand their NSLVE reports, assess their past programming, and set goals for the future. Plan: AGF supports campuses in our network with writing campus action plans for every academic year. We provide campus action planning templates, 1-1 coaching, and review each and every campus action plan to support voter engagement on campus.

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