A Band of Voters identifies and supports Student Leaders and other young activists to educate, inspire and mobilize their peers to claim the political power of their generation and build a safer, more sustainable and equitable democracy. Utilizing the power of art, and technology, student organizers receive a toolkit, funding, and direct support for civic celebrations, relational organizing, online media and virtual productions to challenge and overcome systemic barriers to the ballot box and civic empowerment.
Working with their Student Advisory Board and a coalition of organizations, A Band of Voters drafted and passed AB 963 The Student Civic and Voter Empowerment Act. AB 963 mandates that all California Community Colleges and Public Universities implement key elements of the SLSV checklist and a minimum of 3 civic events to help students become active participants in their democracy. Work continues to implement AB963 in California on all 147 campuses and to promote similar protocols nationally with a focus on support for student-led events and peer to peer engagement.

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