National Voting Coalition Announces Agenda for 2024 Election Year

PRESS RELEASE: Students Learn Students Vote Coalition
CONTACT: Danny Fersh,

The Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV) Coalition, the nationwide nonpartisan network dedicated to growing college student voter turnout, released today its priorities for 2024, articulating an agenda that will encompass efforts by and support for more than 300 national, state, and local Coalition partners with presences on more than 800 college campuses in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

The 2024 goals were developed through a collaborative process that began at the 2023 National Student Vote Summit, which assembled more than 200 leaders in the national nonpartisan student vote movement and featured a working session during which attendees shared their most pressing concerns, priorities, and aspirations for the coming year – including the presidential election in November. SLSV chronicled the Summit and other key accomplishments from the past year in its 2023 Annual Report, which was also released today. 

The input gathered at the Summit was then developed into a set of annual goals by the SLSV team, in collaboration with the Coalition’s Executive Committee and Advisory Board. They aim to help the student vote movement continue the extraordinary momentum that led to a historic voter turnout rate – 66 percent, according to the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement – among college students in the last presidential election, thanks to a growth rate that doubled the overall electorate’s increase in turnout. 

The 2024 agenda, and SLSV Coalition as a whole, have a collective theme for the year ahead: “Building Power in Numbers.” Accordingly, the Coalition’s 2024 goals and resulting work will focus on helping student voters realize and exercise their enormous power to impact our country’s democracy for the better, with a focus on the following priorities: 

  • Sustaining and building upon the high registration and turnout rates among student voters in recent federal election cycles. 
  • Closing the existing racial and ethnic participation gaps that currently exist between white and nonwhite student voters, as well as any gaps between first-time eligible college student voters ages 18-21 and college student voters of other ages. 
  • Continuing to grow the number of college campuses actively participating in nonpartisan democratic engagement action planning programs, while working to deepen the engagement strategies of campuses already doing so. 
  • Addressing widespread feelings of disillusionment among college student voters by highlighting the opportunities they have to make a positive difference through democratic engagement, especially at the local level.


“Our Coalition is ready, and excited, to meet the historic moment that lies ahead of us this year,” said SLSV Coalition Co-Founder and Executive Director Clarissa Unger. “For years, we’ve been deepening our collaborations, creating resources, and building capacity in anticipation of what’s to come. We’re confident the work we’ve put in together will be evident in November and beyond as we help our partners continue to institutionalize student voter engagement into the fabric of their campus communities.”


About the SLSV Coalition

The SLSV Coalition is the national hub and largest nonpartisan network in the United States dedicated to increasing college student voter participation. The Coalition convenes and connects partners, campuses, and students with each other and with resources and programming towards achieving a vision of ensuring that every student has easy and equal access to participate in every election. They use data, relationships, celebration, and easy-to-follow planning structures, to help campus and local leaders register and turnout more student voters every year. The SLSV Coalition is a project of NEO Philanthropy. NEO Philanthropy is strictly nonpartisan, and does not support or oppose any candidate or party.

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