National Coalition Launches 2023 Voter Education Campaign Following Changes to Voter Access Laws Throughout the US

PRESS RELEASE: Students Learn Students Vote Coalition
CONTACT: Danny Fersh,

The Students Learn Students Vote (“SLSV”) Coalition is proud to launch the 2023 celebration of National Voter Education Week (“NVEW”), a national open-source campaign to help voters access information and resources to help themselves and their communities cast their ballots with confidence. During this week of interactive education, which takes place October 2-6, voters will have the opportunity to access and share information on how to register to vote, vote by mail, make a plan to vote early or on Election Day, learn what’s on their ballot, and inspire others to get involved. 

The nationwide mobilization comes after 11 different states enacted laws making it more difficult to register to vote or cast a ballot in 2023. More than 400 partners throughout the US will celebrate NVEW this week, with events ranging from voter registration and information tables on college campuses, to workshops to help voters navigate their options in this fall’s local elections, to text message campaigns and live social media events connecting communities with voting experts. All mobilizations will help ensure voters can navigate the re-shaped election landscape both this fall and in 2024. 

“This year millions of voters will have a chance to elect leaders with a direct say in issues that impact their everyday lives, and many of them will have to do so in spite of new laws that make it harder for marginalized communities to cast a ballot,” said SLSV Coalition Deputy Director Eddy Zerbe. “The NVEW Steering Committee and our partners throughout the country are mobilizing to make sure communities everywhere are ready to vote, whether they have elections coming up in 2023, or are already organizing for the upcoming presidential election.” 

The SLSV Coalition chairs the NVEW Steering Committee, a group of 23 organizations from across the corporate, public, and nonprofit sectors, all of which are committed to helping voters participate in their democracy with confidence. Together the Steering Committee has worked with partners to ensure NVEW resources and messages are widely available and amplified to communities everywhere. 

“It’s inspiring to see partners from so many different regions and walks of life come together to help their communities make their voices heard,” said Zerbe. “If we want to be ready, both for this year’s local and state elections and next year’s presidential election, we can’t afford to wait – we have to start preparing now.”

This year marks the fourth annual celebration of NVEW, which was founded in 2020 and is one of four Civic Holidays along with National Voter Registration Day (which took place this year on September 19), Vote Early Day (October 26), and Election Hero Day (November 6).


The SLSV Coalition is the largest nonpartisan coalition in the US dedicated to growing the student vote, and serves as the chair of the National Voter Education Week Steering Committee. The 23 NVEW Steering Committee members are listed here.

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