Meet an SLSV Partner: Tevon Blair, Xceleader

Join us in shining a spotlight on Tevon Blair, the dynamic force behind Xceleader’s Vote HBCU program. Tevon’s passion for empowering student voters stems from his own experiences as a student leader and his deep-rooted belief in the potential of young people to enact change. From his beginnings as a college activist to his current role as the lead of Vote HBCU, Tevon has dedicated himself to fostering civic engagement and amplifying the voices of students on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) campuses. Read on to learn more about his work and how you can support it!

How did you first get involved with the #StudentVote?

In 2016, I served as the Student Government Association President at my alma mater, Dillard University, during an election year when many students on campus were exercising their right to vote for the first time since becoming eligible. During this time, college students in Louisiana had both a senate and presidential election to learn about. I collaborated with organizations on campus to plan an event where students could learn about what was on the ballot ahead of election day, and we worked together to plan a March to the Polls on Election Day. Now, as the lead of Xceleader’s Vote HBCU program, I can look back knowing that my journey in educating students on the importance of voting started when I was a college student.

What are some of your personal inspirations? It can be a person, an organization, an idea, a mantra etc.

The spirit of young people on HBCU campuses inspires me to continue the work of Xceleader and Vote HBCU. When we reflect on our civil rights and movement leaders from the past, many of them were young college students advocating to make a change in their community. I firmly believe that today’s students are capable of making an even larger impact, and HBCU campuses play a pivotal role in this process.

How do you support campuses and student voters?

Xceleader’s Vote HBCU program supports HBCU students who are dedicated to making a difference on campus and in their communities. Through our Say It Louder campus tours, panel discussions and shared resources, we’re able to merge civics with HBCU culture to help amplify their efforts to increase voter registration and engagement on campus.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in getting involved or supporting your work?

For anyone interested in getting involved or supporting our work at Xceleader, I would encourage them to explore opportunities to volunteer or collaborate with us to drive Vote HBCU’s work. Currently, we have a growing community of HBCU alumni who are dedicated to sharing their skills, experiences, and ideas with us to contribute to our mission of building leaders, impacting HBCUs, and changing the world. Furthermore, our Vote HBCU program is always seeking opportunities to expand our work so if anyone knows of individuals or organizations who can help us fund or year-round programmatic efforts through grants or sponsorships, I’d love to learn more about those opportunities. Feel free to contact me at

What’s been the most surprising thing about your work since you started?

The most surprising aspect of our work is witnessing the transformation in students’ attitudes toward voting. Since 2020, we’ve encountered students who initially lack interest or belief in the significance of their vote. Through conversations where we discuss their daily life issues and connect them to the importance of voting, we see a shift in their perspective. They become excited about our organization’s work, valuing our representation as HBCU alumni giving back and understanding of their viewpoints in today’s political climate.

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