The SLSV Coalition is the national hub and the largest nonpartisan network in the country of campus, nonprofit, community, student, and philanthropic leaders who help student voters get more involved in our democracy. We support campuses by facilitating collaborations across national, state, and local organizations, coordinating national programs and campaigns, and distributing resources that go directly to local leaders in their communities.  

Since 2016, Coalition partners have transformed the student democratic engagement landscape, with efforts contributing to a historic 66% college student voter turnout rate in the 2020 Election — a 14-percentage-point increase over 2016. Outreach and education on college campuses has grown so much, but we are just getting started. 

By joining the SLSV Coalition as a partner, you immediately get access to resources, connections, strategic direction, and funding (as available) to support your #StudentVote efforts.

It’s free to join and we encourage you to continue reading to learn about eligibility, benefits, and commitments.

We host Informational Sessions twice a month. If you cannot attend any of the upcoming sessions, reach out to our Associate Director of Partnerships, Bianca Rosales,

The SLSV Coalition welcomes partners whose mission and/or scope of work aims to build a more representative and equitable democracy by increasing college student voter participation and engagement in our democratic processes.

We specifically encourage campuses, student organizations, 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, local community groups, nonpartisan local offices and officials involved in election administration, and philanthropic partners to participate. While our programming and framework are specifically geared toward supporting organizations and campuses, individuals may also participate in the SLSV Coalition.

SLSV Coalition partners cannot be affiliated with a partisan organization or political party. If a partner is a nonprofit, it must have 501c(3) status. Organizations with 501(c)4 status are not allowed to join the SLSV Coalition.


  • Granted early access to Coalition-created resources, tools, and templates, and provided coaching and direct support


  • Given the opportunity to collaborate on and to distribute relevant resources to the entire #StudentVote community (What is considered a relevant resource?)


  • Able to access the SLSV Cheat Sheet, which is a one-stop guide to different resources, documents, and trackers available to you as an SLSV Coalition partner


  • Offered innovative trainings on relevant resources, strategies, and tactics created by SLSV Coalition partners that support student democratic engagement efforts, both throughout the year and at the annual Post-Election Gathering


  • Listed in the SLSV Partner Directory and recognized as a partner in the nation’s largest nonpartisan network dedicated to increasing student voter participation

  • Invited to our Monthly Coalition Meetings, where you can learn about new resources, share resources, get updates from SLSV Committees, and network with other partners

  • Given the opportunity to lead or join SLSV Committees where you can work directly with various SLSV Coalition partners and stakeholders to center our guiding principles and advance our collective mission

  • Able to connect with fellowships, internships, job opportunities, and other leadership opportunities throughout the broader #StudentVote movement

  • Given opportunities to connect and collaborate with leaders in their state and across the country through our Slack Space, Affinity Groups, and other virtual or in-person gatherings 

strategic direction

  • Welcomed to strategize with the SLSV Coalition as needed, to support partner alignment with the larger #StudentVote movement


  • Given the opportunity to apply for and sit on the SLSV Advisory Board, which determines subgrants, sets annual goals, and drives the direction of the #StudentVote movement 


  • Able to apply for SLSV funding as it is made available

Requirements to join the SLSV Coalition:

  • Attends an Informational Session to understand the breadth and scope of the SLSV Coalition. Following the Informational Session, interested potential partners will fill out the Partner Audit, which shares points of contact, populates our Partner Directory, and provides vital information about your work


  • Actively keeps the SLSV Coalition updated with points of contact and campus partners and updates the Partner Audit annually


Additional Commitments:

  • Endorses the mission, vision, and guiding principles of the SLSV Coalition
  • Commits to promoting and expanding the number of campuses implementing the SLSV Checklist. Organizational partners can do this by working with students, campus staff, and faculty to support their efforts in executing the Checklist. Campus partners can do this by committing to executing the Checklist
  • Supports fulfilling the SLSV Coalition-wide goals in collaboration with partners across the country
  • Agrees that the SLSV Coalition is a space for collaboration and support, and works alongside Coalition partners
  • Makes a good faith effort to attend at least one SLSV Coalition Monthly Meeting each quarter
  • Strives to join one or more of the SLSV Committees
  • Strives to participate in one or more of the Civic Holidays every year
  • Remains nonpartisan in SLSV Coalition associated activities