Involved SLSV Partner Padma

Hi! I’m Padma! I’ve gotten my bearings around student voter engagement at this point and want to know what opportunities out there can help me take my work to the next level. Because I’m already involved, it’s also sometimes hard to juggle all the different moving parts!


I know there are a lot of opportunities to deepen my experience and collaborate more with others but I want to learn how!

You might relate to me if you are experienced in the field of student democratic engagement and want to take your involvement to the next level. If you’re a student leader, staff member, faculty, or administrator on a campus, you have established a student voting working group or coalition and drafted an action plan. If you are a nonprofit partner, you’re pretty familiar with this space and student democratic engagement strategies. 

Deep dive into different interest areas and collaborate with others across the country through SLSV Subcommittees and Working Groups.

The SLSV Coalition has six Subcommittees that are always around and open for anyone to join! These are issue and/or organizing-based committees that focus on a specific set of topics.

  • Communications: A space for coalition partner communication staff to discuss messaging, coordinate communications campaigns, and provide support and guidance to one another.
  • National Program Coordination: A coordination space for national nonprofit organizations to facilitate collaboration opportunities, centralize resources, and synchronize a student voting calendar of events.
  • Resources & Support: A space for coalition partners to ideate & design resources, share best practices, and learn how to practice human-centered design.
  • State Summits and Networks: A space for student democracy summit organizers to connect, strategize and support each other with the long-term vision of creating state-based student democracy networks. 
  • Youth Voting Rights: A community space that helps partners expand access to youth voting through policy, provide critical information about youth voting, and share tools and resources for advocates to be successful in their efforts to expand young people’s access to the ballot.
  • Book Club: A space for those who want to find community in books, documentaries, podcasts, and movies.

Additionally, there are ad-hoc committees called Working Groups that organize around a short-term campaign or issue area. We also offer Affinity Groups, which are identity-based committees that bring together members with shared identities to gather and connect. 

You can check all these out and get more information on the SLSV Committees Page.

Take part in leadership opportunities with the SLSV Coalition!

Every year there are opportunities to apply to be part of the SLSV Coalition’s Advisory Board and to Co-Chair Subcommittees. Make sure to keep an eye out for these opportunities on the listserv! You can view the current SLSV Advisory Board here!

Organize a state student democracy summit!

State Student Democracy Summits are a great opportunity to connect with other organizations and campuses in your state with the shared goal of supporting students. Check here to see if there’s already a summit in the works in your state and how to get involved! 

You can check out the State Summit Organizing Guide and join the State Summits and Networks Subcommittee to learn more about how to start your own summit if there isn’t one happening yet in your state. 

Get connected with other campus and nonprofit leaders focused on student voter engagement!

Join the SLSV Coalition Slack to access open streams of communication with other Coalition Members. There are general channels in addition to channels for every subcommittee, working group, and affinity group. It’s also a great place to build connections and even make friends!

Join the Higher Ed – Student Voter Engagement (HE-SVE) Google Group to connect with campus and nonprofit leaders across the country about engaging student voters! This listserv is very active and a great spot to ask questions and share news. 

If you are on a campus, learn how to implement strategies that can help you Ask Every Student on campus to participate in the democratic process!

Join the Ask Every Student Community to connect with campus and nonprofit leaders across the country around the shared goal of asking every student to participate in our democracy. 

Use the Ask Every Student First Step Form to learn how you can apply full student voter participation strategies to your campus context. This tool can help you assess how you are using a full student voter participation approach that centers DEIJ in your action plan. 

Check out the Ask Every Student Toolkit for adaptable interactive resources and campus examples to help you integrate and institutionalize Ask Every Student strategies on your campus.  

Want to dive deeper on resources? Go to the SLSV Coalition Resource Library and use filters to find what you’re looking for. 

You don’t need to do this alone. Check out some of these SLSV Partners who can help you!

Check out the SLSV Coalition Partner Directory!

The SLSV Coalition Partner Directory is the best place to navigate the hundreds of partners in the space. You can browse through all partners or sort by a variety of tags to narrow your focus. Check out some of these SLSV Partners who best fit your needs and interests.

Thanks, but I have more questions!

Join the SLSV Coalition’s listserv! We are always pushing out funding opportunities from the network when they become available. Examples of funding opportunities we have offered or highlighted in the past were one-time grants, implementation grants, Civic Holiday Campus Takeover Grants, and rapid response grants. Join the Coalition!

The ALL IN Challenge and its Higher Education Presidents’ Council is challenging institutions to make a visible commitment to reaching full student voter registration and voter participation in all elections. Advocate for your campus president or chancellor to make a commitment. 

There are several ways that you can keep the energy up when there isn’t an election in your area.

First, confirm that there aren’t elections happening! Several local elections happen during odd years.

No elections? Here are some ways to keep the democracy energy up:

  • Implement civic engagement programs such as information sessions about proposed laws or bills that would impact students/higher education.

  • Do meet and greets with local elected officials.  Panels on how to run for elected office.

  • Forge relationships with local boards of elections.  Learn about what is in the pipeline, what changes are afoot, what changes they may be advocating for at the state level, new technology or procedures they are preparing for and share any changes about the university with them.

  • Build more relationships with coalition members.

  • Build out materials like LibGuides or curricular resources for primaries, Census, Redistricting, and other salient civic topics.

  • Work with your marketing and communications office to showcase successes from NSLVE, ALL In, Voter Friendly Campus, profiles of graduating/continuing student leaders, other civic engagement accomplishments of students, faculty, and staff at your institution.

Yes! We have starter packs for many types of stakeholders, just like this one! You can  view them all here. You can also direct them to the main page of Navigating the Student Voting Space that includes the partner library, resource library, stakeholder starter packs and explainer graphics.

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Feel free to email us at info@slsvcoalition.org and we are happy to assist!