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The Coalition has different subcommittees, working groups, and affinity groups that help implement our collective model of institutionalized democratic engagement on college campuses. 

To participate in the SLSV Coalition’s Committees, you must be a Coalition Partner.  Click here to join the Coalition.

If you have a question about any of the Committees, please email


A subcommittee is an issue/organizing-based committee that focuses on a specific set of topics.

Resources and Support SUBCOMMITTEE

A space for coalition partners to ideate & design resources, share best practices, and learn how to practice human-centered design.

Youth Voting Rights SUBCOMMITTEE

A community that helps partners expand access to youth voting through policy, provide critical information about youth voting, and share tools and resources for advocates to be successful in their efforts to expand young people’s access to the ballot.

Typically meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month. 


A space for student democracy summit organizers to connect, strategize and support each other with the long-term vision of creating state based student democracy networks. 

Typically meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. 

National Program
Coordination Subcommittee

A coordination space for national nonprofit organizations to facilitate collaboration opportunities, centralize resources, and synchronize a student voting calendar of events. 

Typically meets on the 3rd Tuesday  of the month. 


A space for coalition partner communication staff to discuss messaging, coordinate campaigns, develop resources, and provide support and guidance to one another.

Typically meets on the 1st Thursday of the month. 


A space for those who want to find community in books, documentaries, podcasts, and movies.

The Book Club meets monthly, but does not have a regular meeting time. 


A working group is an ad-hoc committee that organizes around a short term campaign or issue area.

Redistricting WORKING GROUP

A space for coalition partners who are interested in learning more, organizing, and/or coordinating around the redistricting process.

Typically meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month.

Join the Redistricting Working Group 

26th Amendment WORKING GROUP

A space for coalition partners who are interested in organizing and/or coordinating actions this year around the 50th Anniversary of the 26th Amendment with the focus on raising awareness of the unfulfilled promise of this amendment as a racial justice issue & voter suppression issue knowing that today’s youngest generations are the most diverse in our country’s history.

The 26th Amendment Working Group  has now ended. Check out the resources this group created. 


An affinity group is an identity-based committee that focuses on bringing together members with shared identities to gather and connect. To respect the nature of these affinity group spaces, we ask that only those who identify within these communities attend these spaces.


A support space for Black coalition partners to connect, coordinate and organize.

Typically meets on the 3rd Wednesday every other month. 

Asian American Pacific Islander Affinity Group

A communal and learning space for Asian American and Pacific Islander coalition partners. 

Typically meets on the Last Wednesday on a quarterly basis.

Latina/Latino/Latinx Affinity GrouP

Typically meets on the 4th Wednesday every other month. 

LGBTQ+ Affinity Group

An inclusive social space for LGBTQ+ coalition members to connect, create, and organize.

Typically meets on the 2nd Thursday every other month. 

Disability Affinity Group

A space for people with disabilities to build community, share experiences, explore the intersection of disability and other identities, and consider accessibility within the student voting community. 

Typically meets on the 3rd Tuesday every other month. 

Women & Gender Minority Affinity Group

A space for women and gender minority folks to organize, learn, and share opportunities for professional development and community building.

Typically meets on the 2nd Tuesday every other month. 


Several SLSV Coalition partners host Stakeholder Networks that you can join to connect with and learn from your peers. 

Faculty Network for Student Voting Rights

The Faculty Network is dedicated specifically and solely to urging faculty members to play a consistent role every year and to share across multiple disciplines. The Faculty Network is housed at the Scholars Strategy Network

Student Voting Network

The Student Voting Network connects students across the country to learn from each other & share best practices. The Student Voting Network is housed at the Campus Vote Project