2023 Annual Report

Democracy, together

A note from the SLSV Executive Committee Chair

I first came across the Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV) Coalition while searching for an organization that could produce an outsized impact on voter engagement and voter turnout given the proper level of time, resources, and guidance. Nearly six years later I’m more convinced than ever of SLSV’s ability to do just that. 

The values, work ethic, and intellectual curiosity geared towards anticipating partners’ needs stood out to me most back then. These attributes have only strengthened in the intervening years. A partner-first culture has been established that promulgates a deeply collaborative, trust-based approach. The result: long, deeply valuable relationships where partners look to SLSV for far more than their chartered directives. 

Today those partners span more than 300 local, state, and national organizations that, together, are meaningfully impacting our democracy by counteracting the long history of norms, practices, and laws that discourage college student voter participation.  

The SLSV Team with Executive Committee members Tamer Mokhtar, Sam Novey, Joy Fulkerson, and Mike Dean and facilitators from the Radical Optimist Collective in Montgomery, Alabama.

My first experience meeting the full team in person occurred with the backdrop of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama. This setting was appropriate for so many reasons, both personally and professionally, and therein lies some of the magic. Professionally, enhancing each individual’s understanding of history helps recenter our focus on our work and our purpose. On a personal level, sharing our perspectives on what we were actively experiencing gave all of us a deeper appreciation of one another and the dedication each person brings to the work. 

Later in the year, as a team, we pulled together a convening of philanthropic partners in coordination with the National Student Vote Summit. In this setting, we were able to honor the work of our student leaders and connect them with so many of the individuals and entities supporting the work.  

On both occasions, the sincerity, spirit, and extreme competence of the SLSV team were on full display. It has been my honor to serve alongside this outstanding group. 

The values and bonds on display at these in-person gatherings emanate throughout SLSV’s impressive national network. With a historic election on the horizon, their collaborations have positioned the #StudentVote movement to leave its biggest imprint yet on our democracy. 

Tamer Mokhtar
Executive Director, All Americans Vote

A Foreword from our Executive Director

The Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV) Coalition is built on the strength of our partnerships. That’s how we’re able to bring together more than 300 local, state, and national organizations – each with its own team, community, and history – and move toward one common vision: a democracy in which every eligible college student has easy and equal access to participate in every election. 

Every partner, as well as each of the more than 800 college and university campuses that participate in our programming, undertakes its own journey to become a part of the national #StudentVote movement. Nearly a decade after our founding, this presents us with a core challenge that is both exciting and complex: Onboarding partners who are just beginning their nonpartisan student voter engagement journey while simultaneously supporting partners who seek to deepen and evolve their work with the #StudentVote movement after years of involvement. 

In 2023, we embraced this challenge by working to deepen our relationships across the board – whether by crafting dynamic and accessible resources, through interactive programming, by uplifting our partners’ work through our revamped Coalition communications strategies and earned media outreach, or gathering in-person to collaborate and share lessons learned in ways only possible when occupying the same physical space. In every case, with every strategy, we approached our work with a philosophy grounded in trust and collaboration. This manifested in various ways throughout the year:

Bridgewater College "Asks Every Student" to vote in 2023!

More colleges and universities than ever are participating in national programs that support local campus leaders.

Following the completion of the groundbreaking Ask Every Student Toolkit 2.0 in 2022, we set out to help campuses access and take advantage of the toolkit’s resources while growing the reach of the Ask Every Student (“AES”) initiative, a national program that helps colleges and universities integrate voter registration into existing campus systems and processes.  

By year’s end, 147 attendees from 63 different AES campuses attended SLSV-led trainings on how to implement AES Toolkit strategies in their communities. Over the same period, 93 different campuses implemented specific strategies from the AES Toolkit, bringing innovative voter registration strategies into classrooms, student orientations, online student portals, and other touchpoints in campus communities throughout the country. 

We revamped the way we do outreach and track our partners’ needs. 

One of our team’s major projects in 2023 was migrating our Coalition’s data and outreach to EveryAction, a constituent relationship management (CRM) platform that enabled us to engage our partners with more precise, targeted information and resources than ever before. Thanks to the insights from this platform, we are re-shaping our communications strategies to be more nimble and customizable, with a better understanding of our partners’ needs and an enhanced ability to meet them. 

Voter registration tabling at Salem State university
Campus leaders at the National Student Vote Summit 2023

We brought key stakeholders together in person to strengthen our mission and values.

While our day-to-day operations remain remote and will for the foreseeable future, 2023 marked a return to in-person gatherings in a way that hasn’t existed in our Coalition since before 2020. 

In April, the second annual State of the Student Vote Research Workshop in Chicago brought together approximately 50 scholars and practitioners to share research updates and ideas for how the Student Vote Research Network can continue to build knowledge and consensus to help achieve 100% student voter participation. The workshop offered exciting insights into areas such as navigating restrictive voter ID laws and the unique challenges of commuter students, while also providing a setting for many of the leading minds in our space to openly exchange ideas and discuss the future of scholarly research related to student voting. 


In July, the SLSV Coalition team and members of our Executive Committee gathered in Montgomery, Alabama, to visit the Equal Justice Initiative’s Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice as part of an all-day immersive experience aided by facilitators from the Radical Optimist Collective. Throughout the trip our team learned and reflected as we went through these extraordinary experiences together, gaining a deeper understanding of the systemic white supremacy embedded in our country’s history, and our role and responsibility in helping to dismantle it. 

Finally, In November, more than 200 #StudentVote leaders, including more than 100 students, traveled from throughout the United States to the University of Maryland, College Park, for our first in-person National Student Vote Summit since 2019. In planning the event, we hoped that an in-person gathering would energize and engage our Coalition in ways that past virtual gatherings hadn’t quite achieved – and the Summit exceeded all of our expectations. The three-day gathering left us with a palpable sense of excitement and momentum heading into 2024, forging and strengthening relationships throughout the Coalition in ways that benefit our work immeasurably. 

Reflecting on 2023, and understanding the immense moment ahead of us in 2024, we settled on a powerful but simple theme for this report: “Together.” As a movement, as a Coalition, and as an organization, everything we do is strengthened by the partnerships and collaborations that make us who we are. In 2023, we saw that more than ever.

Clarissa Unger
Co-Founder and Executive Director, SLSV Coalition


Through the Action Plan Working Group and by growing the Ask Every Student initiative, we provided campuses with powerful tools to foster democratic engagement in their communities.

SLSV Campus Engagement and Support Coordinator, Sithara Menon trains students on how to Ask Every Student to vote at the Ohio Student Vote Summit.

Action Plan Working Group

At the beginning of the year SLSV Coalition partners set out to make nonpartisan democratic engagement action planning more accessible to campuses of all types and contexts. To achieve this goal, we re-convened the Action Plan Working Group, a collaboration between multiple SLSV partners which helped onboard 101 brand new campuses to participate in democratic engagement action planning in 2022, in an effort to provide training and resources to campus partners that are relatively new to nonpartisan student democratic engagement. 

By The Numbers


The Action Plan Working Group held nine trainings in 2023 covering the action planning process, how to build a campus voting coalition, increasing year-round nonpartisan democratic engagement, and how to create action plans using data from the National Study on Learning, Voting & Engagement.


Individuals registered to attend at least one action plan training.


Unified set of standards for democratic engagement action planning and assessment on college campuses, updated in the newest edition of the Strengthening American Democracy Guide and Rubric, the foundational resource created by the SLSV Coalition and our partners at the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge.

Students use Votes & Ballots to build their campus action plan.

Why does action planning matter?

Democratic engagement action plans are fundamental to the SLSV Coalition’s efforts to grow the #StudentVote because they have proven to be an effective and sustainable tool for institutionalizing student voter engagement within a campus community. That’s why encouraging more, and strengthening existing action plans remains a priority for our Coalition, year in and year out. 

"Action Planning trainings are critical in preparing campus leaders for the upcoming election cycle. More often than not young people are the driving force behind successful voter outreach. One of the problems that young people tend to run into though is a lack of training and resources to achieve their goals. The action planning series developed by the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition helped to bridge the information gap between campus leaders and voter mobilization groups. The trainings provided can help plan a voter registration event, develop long term youth participation goals, or even help bring campus leaders together for collaboration. I highly recommend participating in the action planning training series to help prepare for the upcoming 2024 general election."
Andres Cubillos
Florida State University

Ask Every Student

Following the development of the Ask Every Student Toolkit 2.0 the most advanced toolkit to date for integrating one-on-one voter registration conversations into campus processes, the SLSV Coalition set out to help campus partners implement strategies designed by the leading minds and practitioners in the #StudentVote movement to help campus communities move toward 100% student voter participation. 

By The Numbers


Campuses joined the Ask Every Student initiative in 2023 by filling out the First Step Form, bringing our total to 228 Commitment Campuses.

Commitment campuses are leading some of the most innovative student voter engagement programs in the country, are eligible to receive funding, and have a good understanding of the short and long-term strategies they’re pursuing on campus.


Campuses implemented strategies from the Ask Every Student Toolkit.


Attendees from 63 different Ask Every Student campuses joined SLSV-led trainings on how to implement AES strategies in their communities.

Building knowledge together

In its second year, the Student Vote Research Network expanded the boundaries of academic knowledge in the student voter engagement space. 

In 2023, the SLSV Coalition set out to encourage research into the impact of action planning and Ask Every Student strategies in order to better understand how to employ these strategies, including and especially at community colleges and Minority-Serving Institutions. With five research projects underway – three projects supported by the Student Vote Research Network (SVRN) by researchers at George Mason University, Allegany College of Maryland, and Indiana University South Bend, as well as two projects from researchers at SUNY Oswego and Johns Hopkins University – leading minds from throughout the US are building knowledge and consensus that will sharpen future strategies in student voter engagement.

Dozens of scholars and practitioners gathered in Chicago for the Student Vote Research Network's 2023 research workshop.
Dr. Crystal Harris of Governor's State University presents her research at the 2023 SVRN Workshop.

What is the Student Vote Research Network?

In 2022, the SLSV Coalition and partners at the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, the Fair Election Center’s Campus Vote Network, the Scholars Strategy Network, and several leading academic institutions, founded the SVRN to generate actionable, data-driven insights into how best to achieve 100% student voter participation. In April 2023, the SVRN met for its second annual workshop in Chicago, convening dozens of scholars and practitioners who shared learnings from the past year of SVRN research and charted an agenda for the year ahead centering three core questions:

  1. How do we strengthen local leadership committed to 100% student voter participation at every college and university?


  2. How do we identify and implement the most impactful tactics for mobilizing and educating student voters?


  3. How does everyone else, especially local election officials and other policymakers, help local campus leaders succeed in reaching 100% student voting?

The State of the Student Vote Substack

 If you’re interested in learning about groundbreaking research in the #StudentVote movement, the Student Vote Research Network’s publication, the State of the Student Vote, has you covered. 

By The Numbers


Original articles written by 19 unique contributing authors. 


Write-ups of SVRN-funded research projects and results.


State of the Student Vote Substack subscribers.


Total views by more than 12,000 users in 2023.

P3 Labs’ Strategic Capacity Research

In collaboration with the SLSV Coalition, ALL IN, and the Campus Vote Project, the P3 Labs at Johns Hopkins University’s SNF Agora Institute began groundbreaking research into the strategic capacity impact of democratic engagement action planning on college campuses. The P3 Lab’s research, led by Dr. Hahrie Han,  is ongoing and will help lay the foundation for future action planning best practices for years to come.

At the 2023 National Student Vote Summit, Dr. Kristine Lu of the SNF Agora Institute’s P3 Lab presented groundbreaking research on the power of coalitions to increase strategic capacity for student voting efforts in campus communities.

building strategic capacity together

The SLSV Coalition continued to grow its reach and impact in 2023.

Throughout the year, we brought on 49 new partners, including 24 based on a college or university campus, and 10 state-level nonprofit organizations. A total of 180 individuals from new and existing partners registered for an SLSV Informational session, orienting a new cohort of #StudentVote leaders to the resources, connections, and guidance available to them as part of our nationwide network.

Additionally, both new and existing partners were featured during our monthly Coalition meetings and through our Partner Highlights series, celebrating their outstanding work while spreading awareness to other partners of how they can support, collaborate with, and uplift other Coalition partners.

Revamping how we communicate with partners.

In early 2023, the SLSV Coalition began migrating many of its core data and outreach functionalities to EveryAction, a constituent relationship management (CRM) platform that enables a new level of sophistication in partner tracking and communications. If you used an SLSV resource, attended an SLSV training, or received an SLSV email in 2023, you probably have already interacted with our new CRM, and will continue to do so as we leverage its insights to craft targeted outreach that caters to specific partner needs, interests, and priorities. 

"[My favorite thing about my job is] the amount of love and friendship in the organizing space for all organizations centered on racial, social justice and equity, to work together to build something so amazing for their respective communities. It shows our strengths to work together for a better future for all, to empower and uplift one another, and most importantly – take care of each other."
Nicolette Ardiente
Asian Texans for Justice

Building strategic capacity through resources.

In response to partner feedback, the SLSV Coalition set out to build new resources that provide guidance and actionable steps toward addressing specific and widespread challenges facing the #StudentVote movement.

Local Elections Resource

The 2023 election season presented opportunities for students throughout the US to make an outsized impact on their state and local representation. To help our partners convey the stakes of these elections to college students and how their outcomes would impact students’ daily lives, we crafted and compiled a wide-ranging set of messaging guidance, activation ideas, funding support resources, and digital tools into an all-in-one resource on the SLSV Coalition website


Transition Management Guide

The past few years have seen unprecedented levels of turnover in the higher education space. The resulting lack of continuity makes it significantly more difficult for campus communities to institutionalize nonpartisan student voter engagement – unless they have a comprehensive plan in place to deal with the turnover. The #StudentVote Movement Transition Management Guide, created by the SLSV Coalition’s Resources & Support Working Group, presents clear steps alongside easy-to-use tools to help any incoming or outgoing campus staff or students ensure that the work of growing the student vote continues even as personnel shifts.

Voting Access Isn’t Partisan 

The past year saw a disturbing rise in partisan attacks on college and university students’ right to vote. As a nonpartisan Coalition that supports easy and equal access to the polls for every eligible college and university student, SLSV sought to equip partners with the tools to stand up to attacks on their democratic rights without engaging in partisanship themselves. The Voting Access Isn’t Partisan messaging guide offers tips and real-life examples for how to counter rhetoric that argues against students’ right to vote while avoiding the pitfalls that could bring such discourse into the realm of partisan debate.

celebrating together

More partners on more college campuses than ever before participated in Campus Takeover of the Civic Holidays

Every year the fall Civic Holidays present a unique opportunity for communities to inspire action through celebration of our democracy. 

To streamline outreach efforts and encourage participation in each holiday, the SLSV Coalition leads a multi-organizational collaborative between the organizers of the four Civic Holidays. In 2023, 478 partners signed up to celebrate the Civic Holidays through the collaborative’s website,

Students at Emory University march to the polls on Vote Early Day 2023.
Students at the University of Michigan encourage students to vote early on Vote Early Day 2023!

Campus Takeover

Campus Takeover of the Civic Holidays was founded on the belief that college campuses are uniquely suited as places of celebration, where community-wide events can make community-wide impacts. The SLSV Coalition team leads this nationwide campaign, inviting new campuses to celebrate the Civic Holidays and providing them with resources to maximize these fun and accessible entryways into democratic engagement work. 

 In 2023, the SLSV Coalition team led the largest ever Campus Takeover, with more than 1000 partners signing up to lead celebrations on 852 college and university campuses throughout the US – 63% of which were community colleges, Minority-Serving Institutions, HBCUs, or rural-serving institutions. 

This was especially remarkable in a non-federal-election year, in which many campus communities mobilized for comparatively lower-profile state and local elections, or in preparation for 2024! 

National Voter Education Week

As the Managing Partner for National Voter Education Week (NVEW), the SLSV Coalition led the Civic Holiday’s efforts to ensure every voter had the tools and information they need to cast their ballot with confidence – whether that was in the fall of 2023 or for the upcoming 2024 elections. NVEW resources, distributed by 430 partners nationwide, helped voters everywhere find out what was at stake for them at the ballot box, and how they could make their voices heard. 

By The Numbers


Estimated individuals directly engaged by NVEW partners.*


Different individuals shared more than 4,000 different social media posts using NVEW hashtags throughout the week.

12.7 million

Social media users were reached by the NVEW hashtags throughout the week – #NationalVoterEducationWeek and #VoteReady.

*estimate derived from average engagement numbers of partners that responded to post-NVEW survey.

gathering together

This fall we jump-started the 2024 election cycle with our first in-person gathering since 2019. 

On November 15-17 more than 200 students, college and university faculty and staff, nonprofit professionals, public officials, and philanthropic partners gathered in Washington, DC, and College Park, MD, for the 2023 National Student Vote Summit. With representatives from 25 different US states and the District of Columbia, the Summit created a palpable sense of momentum and togetherness within the SLSV Coalition. 

Throughout the three-day gathering, attendees – more than 100 of whom were students – heard from national leaders in academia, advocacy, and public office about the most effective strategies for growing student voter participation on their campuses, and the most pressing issues young people face in our democracy today. 

The Power of Collaboration!

To open the summit, Dr. Kristine Lu of John Hopkins University’s P3 Labs presented groundbreaking research on the power of coalitions to increase strategic capacity for student voting efforts in campus communities. Specifically, coalitions are immensely valuable in that they enable organizations to learn and adapt to shifting circumstances in positive ways. Her presentation set the tone for a Summit that helped strengthen the bonds of friendship and collaboration throughout the SLSV Coalition. 

"If there’s one thing that this year’s Summit made clear, it’s that these students understand the stakes and why it’s so important that our community members – of all walks of life – have their voices heard in elections, up and down the ballot... Getting to meet each of them, hear their stories, learn more about the impactful critical work that they’re doing on- and off-campus, and spark discussions about partnerships between Voto Latino and their advocacy was incredible. I’ve already had the opportunity to reconnect with many of the folks I met, and I can’t wait to get to work side-by-side in the coming year – and beyond."
Nicholas Crookston
Voto Latino

Thirteen different states and regions hosted student voter engagement summits sponsored by the Fair Election Center’s Campus Vote Project and other SLSV Coalition partners in 2023.

The SLSV State Summit Working Group hosted two workshops to help first-time summit planners successfully execute their events, providing resources and guidance to help build state and regional bonds between campuses that face similar challenges and are best positioned to support each other in the years ahead. 

SLSV team members attended and hosted trainings at state summits in Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania in 2023.

making news together

The Up and Up's Rachel Janfaza interviews student and SLSV Coalition Advisory Board member Andres Cubillos at the 2023 National Student Vote Summit

The #StudentVote movement has caught the attention of prominent reporters and publications chronicling the rise of student voters' impact on our democracy.

The past year saw a shift in media narratives around college student voters. High student turnout in recent election cycles is no longer a story in and of itself. Instead, coverage has largely shifted to how dynamics in US politics may be shaped by youth and student voting power – and how some are attempting to reduce that power in future elections. 

With earned media coverage and Op-Ed placements in prominent local and national publications, the SLSV Coalition and our partners are a major part of that narrative, shaping it as it unfolds. 

Do you want to be a part of the #StudentVote movement? We'd love for you to join us!

planning together

The SLSV Coalition enters the new year riding a wave of momentum – and facing significant obstacles we will work to overcome together. 

As we move toward a historic election, our focus is on leading the #StudentVote movement in building the capacity needed to realize its full potential. With more campuses than ever striving for 100% student voter participation through democratic engagement action planning, more nonprofit partners plugging in to support campus communities and the #StudentVote movement, and more campuses mobilizing and celebrating the Civic Holidays through Campus Takeover, we hope to match and exceed the record-breaking student voter turnout seen during the last presidential election.  

Doing so will require collaboration in support of partners throughout the country whose efforts to grow the student vote face obstacles ranging from legislative efforts to restrict students’ access to the polls, to backlash against efforts to uplift diversity and equity on college campuses, to a political environment rife with both polarization and reasons for disillusionment among young people. 

Here are our top priorities for 2024 as divided among our four pillars of support for our partners:

Strategic Direction

We will continue outreach and recruitment to ensure more colleges and universities participate in nonpartisan democratic engagement action planning programs, with a goal of reaching 600 total action plan submissions in 2024, with an emphasis on institutions that represent communities historically underrepresented in our democracy. Through the Ask Every Student initiative, we’ll help campuses move toward 100% student voter participation by recruiting 75 more Commitment campuses and helping 150 campuses implement specific Ask Every Student strategies. 

Through the Student Vote Research Network we will support and uplift the efforts of leading minds as they unlock new insights into how best to achieve 100% student voter participation, including the continuation of Johns Hopkins University’s P3 Lab’s research into how campus coalitions can build strategic capacity for the growth and institutionalization of nonpartisan student voter engagement. We will share this and other key research in the State of the Student Vote Substack, which will advance knowledge and consensus in our space while growing its audience.


We will raise and distribute funding directly to colleges and universities, with an emphasis on communities historically underrepresented in our democracy, to support advanced nonpartisan student voter engagement efforts. 

We will craft and distribute a communications toolkit to support our partners’ efforts to promote the use of Federal Work Study funds for nonpartisan voter registration efforts, and work to ensure this resource is accessed by campus communities with student bodies historically underrepresented in our democracy.  


We will help put our new and existing resources into action by hosting at least 30 trainings throughout 2024 to support campus efforts to educate and motivate voters, and to level-up their efforts to institutionalize the student vote through democratic engagement action planning that incorporates the entire campus community and facilitates fruitful partnerships with outside organizations. 

We will develop resources to address key concerns and core priorities for 2024, including a toolkit to empower local leaders’ efforts to inspire student voters at a time when disillusionment and polarization are rising among student voters.


We will recruit and onboard at least 60 new partners into the SLSV Coalition while continuing to grow the reach and impact of the fall Civic Holidays through our leadership of National Voter Education Week, Campus Takeover, and the Civic Holidays steering committee and joint website. 

Bringing our Coalition members together in person creates lasting connections while facilitating and strengthening the collaborations at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we will host another in-person National Student Vote Summit, where #StudentVote leaders from throughout the US can once again gather to share insights, learn, and grow together as a movement following the 2024 election.  Throughout the year we will also support and attend state summits, helping foster connections at the state level while equipping partners with trainings on key resources and skills.


Financial Report


Grants, Donations, & Carryover Funding


Operational Expenses

Salary, Benefits, Travel, Digital Subscriptions, Supplies, Indirect Costs, & Fiscal Sponsor Administrative Fee



2023 Advisory Board

  • Steven Adelson, CivicTN
  • Alyssa Antonian, Penn Leads the Vote
  • Tiffany Bohm, Lake Michigan College
  • Audrey Coleman, Robert J. Dole Institute, University of Kansas
  • Andres Cubillos, Florida PIRG Students at Florida State University
  • Wendy Galván, California Secretary of State’s Office
  • Joe Kennedy, The Team
  • Arielle Mizrahi, Unify America
  • Katie Montgomery, Cuyahoga Community College
  • Bry Moore, ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge
  • Sarah Reinhardt, Michigan Department of State
  • McKenzie Roller, UNC Chapel Hill NCPIRG
  • Rachel VanArsdale, Case Western Reserve University
  • Shannon Williams, Inver Hills Community College

Executive Committee

Chair: Tamer Mokhtar, All Americans Vote

  • Mike Burns, Campus Vote Project
  • Mike Dean, North Star Prosperity
  • Pam Coleman, Leadership Coach and Strategic Consultant
  • Joy Fulkerson, East Tennessee State University
  • Sam Novey, University of Maryland Center for Democracy and Civic Engagement
  • Dr. Teri Platt, Clark Atlanta University

A special thanks to…

  • The SLSV Team
  • Our Coalition partners
  • NEO Philanthropy
  • The Student Vote Research Network
  • Ask Every Student Steering Committee members and campuses
  • Campus Takeover partner organizations and participants
  • National Voter Education Week Steering Committee members and partners
  • The Civic Holidays Joint Collaboration Committee members
  • SLSV Working Group members and chairs
  • Every Statewide Student Democracy Summit committee 
  • Naomi Cohen, Lena Morreale Scott, and the University of Maryland Center for Democracy and Civic Engagement
  • Every SLSV Coalition partner and stakeholder who attended the National Student Vote Summit
  • Every philanthropic partner who believes in our work

This work is a team effort.

Join us and be a part of the #StudentVote movement!