The Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV) Coalition is the national hub & largest nonpartisan network in the country dedicated to increasing student voter participation.

We're helping college students across the country partcipate in our democracy!

The SLSV Coalition is made up of campus, nonprofit, community, student, and philanthropic leaders, all working together to grow the student vote. We lead collaborations between these organizations, coordinate national programs and campaigns, and distribute resources to organizers on the ground, all to advance our shared goal of helping students take part in our democracy.

Why the #StudentVote?

New voters can be hesitant to cast a ballot because the process feels complicated to them. There are real psychological and knowledge barriers around voting, and students often cite “not knowing enough” about candidates or issues, as reasons for shying away from voting. Students need accessible, accurate information from trusted sources in their own communities. Together we help student voters navigate their uncertainty about the electoral process.

About the SLSV Coalition

our approach

By providing funding, resources, connections, and strategic direction, like the planning structure set up by the SLSV Checklist, we help campus and local leaders plan and deploy best practices to serve their students' needs.

SLSV Checklist

Learn more about the #StudentVote movement directly from the leaders who built it.

Get started

Whether you are just getting started in nonpartisan student democratic engagement or you are a veteran student voting partner, use these navigation tools to take your work to the next level.

Here you can navigate Coalition partners and partner-created resources, and find tailored next steps using our #StudentVote Starter Packs.

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our programs

As the national hub for student voting, we provide infrastructure and support institutionalization at the campus level to address the most pressing voting issues faced by students.

Check out our programs and mobilizations to see how we support local leaders' efforts to address a variety of student voting needs. 

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SLSV Coalition partners receive funding, resources, connections, and strategic direction.

Are you interested in learning more about the SLSV Coalition and possibly becoming a partner?

Join one of our informational sessions to learn more about our work and how to get started in the Coalition. 

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